What Did Giovanni Boccaccio Dream About?
(a project made in collaboration with Alevtina Lyapunova)
Vienna 2022

What Did Giovanni Boccaccio Dream About? is a project that studies the phenomenon of the relationships of care and concern. It consists of the sculpture The Lady With a Deer and series of photographs with people holding it in different spaces.
A figurative sculpture represents a woman breast-feeding a fawn. This reference was taken from one of the stories in the Decameron novel by Giovanni Boccaccio. In it the female protagonist finds herself on a deserted island, where deprived of her sons and family, she begins to take care of fawns, who also lost their breed.
One of the possible interpretations of this impromptu relationship could be the idea of the connectedness of all living things, despite their different origins. This idea resonates to modern concepts of post-humanism, which gives us allowance to use this visual image as link between future, nowness and past. As well as turning the sculpture into a very specific object, evoking in the person who comes into contact with it a considerable amount of experiences.
Being made of styrofoam and papier-mâché, the sculpture is quite light to it’s size, therefore easy to contact. As a starting point it gives an impression of interacting with a fragile object. The time and place where the pictures are taken were picked by every individual person them-self. As well as most of the images are vaguely directed when posing, to explore the natural manner of approaching the figure. Thus leaving the relationship establish and grow naturally.
This sculpture is supposed to be held by the person in golden gloves in the context of various city spaces, which will allow new meanings to appear in the work according to the context. Golden gloves is an element between the object and the person who holds it. It unites them into one life-sculpture that exists in a short period of time.

The photographs in the end were organised in the format of a newspaper publication.
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