While trying to place our existence, our entire self-being, our own ways of seeing, desire to appear, and our urge to exist in a certain time-space, we encounter the greatest truth we cannot change: vulnerability. Every human being when born seeks the most simple things: love, unconditional acceptance, and compassion. And as a consequence, deep inside we all seek peace. The greatest minds of the 20th century, after facing several humanitarian catastrophes one after the other proclaimed the invariable: all human beings have an inherent right to life.  And the key to that would be an ability to show mercy. In this project, I try to recreate a peaceful world full of lingering beauty, tenderness, intimacy. Sunlight makes everything transparent to the point of brittleness. A simple circle of life, where every little thing makes sense, and everything is connected. This truth was stripped of human or object specificity and felt through compositions/togetherness/a fuzzy wholeness. But no system is ideal, we can still feel the strain. All our life passes with this struggle: we want to talk about mercy but somehow to reach it we have to learn how to resist. And mercy has never been an easy job, it’s not something you reach because you have all the right answers. You have to find strength inside yourself to attain it. And the more difficult time is  - the greater challenge it could be. It's not a leak of feelings, it’s a burst of emotion.
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